Tomorrow belongs to us : what awaits you in episode 377 Monday, January 14, 2019 [SPOILERS]

In the next episode of “Tomorrow belongs to us”… terrifying discoveries undermine Sète and endanger Chloe, Anna and Flora. For his part, Laurence receives a good news, while Marianne decides to take advantage of the life. Capture d'screen/TF1 Attention, the following paragraphs contain spoilers on the episode Tomorrow belongs to us aired Monday evening on TF1 ! If you do not want to know, go your way !! Monday, January 14, in Tomorrow belongs to us… Chloe, Anna, and Flora in danger Lucy is in is out with a concussion, and, having rested all weekend, decided to return to work, despite the warnings of Victory and Fred. Martin asks Laurence, which is placed near the death, but the ex-judge assures him that it has not received letter of threat in prison and has never seen Louis Castillon. But the survey does not take long to set out again of more beautiful when Flora receives a photo of Elizabeth Vallorta and she covered with blood. Anna, in her turn, receives a music box, which recalls, of course, the mode of operation of véry’s, while Chloe and Alex discover that a knife was planted in their wedding photo hung on the wall of their dining room. The three women to prevent the police and Martin, Karim, Lucie, and George soon came to the conclusion that the murderer has finished take it to justice, and that it will now try to complete the work of death Marc véry’s. Lucy decides to get back question Mark but his ex makes him again about the blackmail. It does help that if she agrees to break up with Fred. Karim, for his part, place, Chloe, Anna, and Flora quarantine in this last, where they will stay as long as Castillon has not been arrested. Later, Lucy announced to her colleagues that it has received the analytical results from the lab : the blood on the photo sent to Flora is that of Florian, the first victim of the killer. Now it is certain, he wants to play with them. Martin then decides to call a witness in order to find Castillon quickly while Lucy confesses to Karim that véry’s does not wish to help as they have not left Fred. Exceeded, Karim travels to the cell of véry’s, points his gun at him and asks him to tell everything he knows. Marianne decides to enjoy life to the fullest Marianne has decided to take some time for her and has prepared a list of things that she wants to do before her operation. Renaud was a little surprised, and even more so when he discovers that Marianne wants to start today, trying for the first time to dive. He tries to dissuade him by reminding him that diving into the sea in the middle of January, while the water is 12°C, is not a very good idea, but Marianne did that to his head. However, after his baptism of diving past, Marianne, very excited, admits that it was a hell and that the water, in addition to being chilly, it was extremely cloudy. As a result, she could not see any fish. Later, Renaud iterates through the entire list of Marianne and realizes that she wants to, among other things, get his pilot’s license. He thinks that Marianne will never have the time before his operation, but Marianne tells him that she has pushed intervention in order to achieve all these desires. For Renaud it was a madness, but Marianne said that her tumor is not very large and that the removal is not urgent. She wants to fulfill her dreams before being weakened by radiation therapy and requests to Renaud to support it and behave as a friend, and not as a doctor. Laurence soon be back with her own people ? Back in prison, Laurence learns good news from Christopher, his lawyer. His request for house arrest with electronic bracelet is well on its way to acceptance by the judge of freedoms, which will issue its definitive response next week. Christopher then announced the news to Sandrine who is not really thrilled, since this means that Laurence is going to have to come back and live at home (her last address). She knows that they are going to have to try to coexist, but no longer feels able to pretend with his wife, who has destroyed their family life. Sandrine, of course, part of the news to Lucas and Arthur and makes them aware of the fact that the return of Laurence does not mean that things will become again like before. When out of the office their mother, Lucas confides then to Arthur that he understands the release from jail of Laurence because he knows that it’s going to be war in the house between the two women.

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